Friday, September 30, 2011

Spoon River Drive

is tomorrow morning! I spent the day dragging my stuff all down there:) I will be set up at the Shed on Rt 116. It's located about 3 miles east of London Mills and 10 miles west of Farmington.

I'll post some pictures about it soon!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

diy inspiration workshop

This week inspiration is from Gussy again.
She's asked us to name our favorite diy inspirations that we love.

One of the best websites, in my opinion is ana white. Her site used to be called knock off wood. She has tons of plans for woodworking. From shelves to furniture. I had my dad help me build a cubby bench for my back porch for the boys, and I was sure I could do a project on my own...

This is a repost of my own post in June 2010.
This is one of the projects that I've been working on for the last couple of weeks. I am in love with this secretary's desk. I need a little desk of my own to keep all my "girl junk" off of the trucking desk.

I got the plans off of Knock-off Wood. If you haven't checked out this girl's site, you should. You'll be addicted. 

Knock-Off Wood

It's really nice since I can fold up the door and my mess is hidden inside. I was a little chicken to build the drawers like the plans called for though. (well, actually I was too tired. MDF is heavy!) But I found these awesome file folder boxes at the Container Store. They fit perfectly on the bottom shelf.

I don't know if you can tell it or not in the pic, but i painted it a deep purple. I am in love with that color right now. I found some awesome jewelry at Pier One today in the same color:)

Here's a shot of it open...

secretary open

There's my favorite coffee mug on the coaster Slone made me for mother's day. My new little sew kit from Border's that I scored for $7! It has like twenty Amy Butler patterns in it plus some fabric! And my ipod and my calendar.

And some of the books that I've been reading.


Matt says that I need to quit building furniture. My house is too small. But I am addicted! I'm trying to figure out what to build next;)

I haven't built any furniture since then. But I am going to build myself a new dining table one of these days. I've also got big plans for a craft studio too! Oh, but I have to be patient on that stuff.

Really, though, if you aren't scared to try something new, building that furniture was really rewarding! You should try it!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Here we are again...another Wednesday!

I wore this on my little weekly shopping trip to get groceries and I had a $10 off coupon at Old Navy so you know I had to stop there. They had their clearance half off the clearance price! I got lots of more outfits for wiww:)

IMG_3999 copy

I got these little flats at gap last year. They are fine for a couple of hours but they are miserable to wear any longer than that. It's like walking on cardboard, no support. Hey, they were really cheap. 

IMG_4000 copy

Here's what my hair looks like:) I really love it. I love it more the more I see it.

IMG_3979 copy

And I wore this on Sunday. Those are my favorite jeans. They are from gap. I guess I need to go get the short ones because I need to wear some with my flats. Those bracelets there are some cheapies that I crocheted over. They took forever to do. Maybe I'll show you how one of these days:)
IMG_3977 copy

There you have it! Another week! Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Uncovering Your Resourcefulness

There's a lot of women out there who say "I just don't have the money, time, patience, supplies, or whatever to be creative." "If I had the stuff like she does, I could be creative too."

Does that sound like you? I've been guilty of it. "If only I had a bigger space to work in." "If only I had a bright and airy studio instead of this basement." If only, if only...

But really the resources we need are not out of our reach. We make the time to do what we want to do. And there is stuff supplies everywhere to use.

Here they just took leaves and some contact paper or some colorful paper and feathers...

                                                                                           Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

                                                                              Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

I made these last night out of flour, a little sugar, salt and yeast (I had them all in my pantry). And they were yummy!

When we focus on what we have...what God has given us...He can do great things! Remember the boy with the two fishes and 5 loaves of bread? Jesus turned it into a meal for five thousand people! (John 6:1-13)

Are you willing to give up your little "lunch" for a big feast? I believe God wants us to use our creativity for Him, to glorify Him. And no one is blessed when we're too scared or lazy to do something about it!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

moreygirl monday and new hair

so I have the best hair dresser ever! She not only does my hair but she's a terrific friend:) Oh, and it helps that her husband, Nick and Matt were friends before we knew each other! Gretchen invited us over for supper and I got new hair! We were a little nervous about a crazy color, but we had lots of laughs.

This is the before:

This is during, obviously.
In the process

And the final result! She put a bunch of red...we were thinking it was going to be purple. Gretchen is going to order new stuff and I think I'm going to try blue..eek!


Or I can part it on this side for a different look! I absolutley love it! And I'm excited that it's a little funky. I think it matches me and what I do now!


There will be more and better pics of it for wiww! I'm totally obsessed with it now:) Thanks, Gretch!

Oh, have you checked out the new bag in the shop? I've made a couple coordinating zippies and notebooks! Check them out right now!

 amy dot lace hipster set

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

family room

This Inspiration Workshop on the Family Room is from Gussy.

Honestly, this family room is in no way my dream room. 

Oh, I'm comfortable in it, but it's so incredibly small cozy:)

living room

Save putting on an addition, there's not a lot I can do in here. I guess I could buy new furniture. But I'm thinking least til the boys are a little bit older. They still use these as trampolines. You can see their toy stash over on the right on the bench. Every night they have to pick up their toys at least out of this room. Once or twice a week, I make them take all the toys upstairs and we start fresh. 

The couch and chair we bought used from Matt's cousin. They are ok. Not my style. But we only watch tv on them. The window I bought at an antique store. It's got green chippy paint on it. I love it! A yarn wreath that I made hangs in front of it.

There's the Windish tatting that Audrey made us for a wedding gift that hangs above the couch. And the fleece houndstooth blanket that I made last winter. I try to keep things to a minimum in here. It looks way cluttered since there's not a lot of room. Also, anything in here is fair game for the boys to use as a toy prop.

The carpet is navy. I really love this carpet when it's freshly vacuumed but it easily shows every piece of lint. I wouldn't pick this color again. But at least my room isn't all brown:)

living room

Our house has some really cool woodwork though. I love the arch in here. And all of the baseboards are about 8 inches tall too.

Our tv sits on the left on the wooden dresser. The room is only 12x12. So there's not a lot of furniture moving going on in there. That's our front door and directly to the left of it is the door going into the office.

You can also see the tip of the nose of Matt's deer hanging on the wall. I hate it. But I'm used to it.

As far as the feel of this room? I like it. I wish it were bigger. But it's good for now.  We usually sit around the kitchen table to talk so we usually just watch tv in here. The boys play in here all the time. So it's usually a've seen the backgrounds of my wiww:)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I thought I would show you what I wear when I stay at home all day.
I don't dress up and I will wear jeans at home but usually in the winter. Today is a nice day but I have a huge sinus headache.
IMG_3902 copy

Pretty simple. Sweatshirt and yoga pants. And my slip on tennies. They did have a strap on them but they are cut off now:)

I sewed yesterday jammin' to my Pandora app. It started playing "I hope you dance". Remember that song? LeeAnn Womack. I always think of Laura, my sister, when I hear it. At one point in the song, LeeAnn says "don't let some helpin' heart leave you bitter." I will never forget Laura turning to me and saying "What'd she say?! Some hellbent whore?!"

Oh, good times when we used to live together:)

I can't sing along without singing about some whore.

IMG_3909 copy

I love my hair but it is in drastic need of a color. 

Anyway, this is what I wear when I do this:

It's in the shop this morning! Along with a large zippie and mini zippie.
Oh and the shop is fresh and new this morning too! 
As it turns out, I'm going to phase out the etsy shop. I should be able to control my items better here.

I am also starting a newsletter the moreygirl scoop
It's just going to be monthly and it will have coupon codes, if there are any shows that I'm at,
and new announcements!

linking up with Lindsey today:)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

your creative passions

What do you think of when you hear "your creative passions"? Is it sewing? Crafting? Music? 
You all know what mine is:)
Jesus was a carpenter's son. I'm sure He did some carpentry work. 
Do you think He enjoyed it? Do you think He was relaxed when He did it? Do you think He liked it?
I'm pretty sure that Jesus did everything passionately.


                                                                                           Source: via Kali on Pinterest

I think that we really do need to be creative. I think it's in everyone of us. I think that we really do need to follow these rules. 
Don't give up.
Have Fun!

Do something creative today, even if it isn't technically "art".

Monday, September 19, 2011


Grocery shopping, laundry, straightening know the drill. It's Monday. 

This weekend I read a couple of inspiring blogs. 

I'll warn ya, they are business-y blogs but they have some really good advice on how to stay busy at home. I've been working my fingers to the bone getting ready for Spoon River Drive. Are you coming?

                                                                                 Source: via Jacque on Pinterest

I've been working on a few of these things. 
Like number 4. 5. 9. 16. 17.
I'd like to be go-getter. Jump out of bed happy. You know, just be happy.
I am happy, just grumpy sometimes.

And I wholeheartedly believe statement #1. 

And I'm always conscious of # 21. Some how she always finds out:)

Friday, September 16, 2011

chocolate cake

Word of advice...

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT bake a chocolate cake and think that you can keep from eating it all...yourself.

The boys have helped, but um, yeah. I've ate most of it.

IMG_3803 copy

It's the Best Chocolate Cake Ever recipe from the Pioneer Woman. 

Only it's not. Really...It's my mom's recipe for Texas Cake. But it's just like the pioneer woman's recipe only we use sour cream instead of the buttermilk.

IMG_3774 copy

I am also adding a couple bags and accessories to the shop this weekend.

I'm also working on a really cool quilt for a cool kid:)

IMG_3804 copy

My boys aren't quite as excited about this one though. I've already got requests for a John Deere quilt:)

Hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


ha! this post is for my friend Evie. She says I'm so confident. Confident in what I wear. I'm here to tell Evie and you that I might change my outfit today before I walk out the door!

I really do want to be confident but lots of times I succumb to the fear that I might stand out. Dumb, I know. There have been people in my life that have made me feel little, inferior, stupid...over clothes. You know what though? You take the clothes off at the end of the day. They are not you. They might reflect you, but they are not you. They could never compare to what's inside. Hate to think what the haters' insides look like.

Here's what I'm wearing today...yes, today. I didn't take very many pics last week. I've been busy busy, getting ready for fall shows. But today, Bo has his preschool physical.

IMG_3771 copy

sweater : Kohls  
tank : old navy
cropped jeans : target
boots : rue lala

I just got these boots and I love them. I wanted some that don't come up so far on my legs. My calves don't always fit:( But I also have troubles with my foot being to tall...I have no instep and my foot is really thick there and I have to work to get these least until they stretch out.
The things we do for fashion!

IMG_3763 copy

Hope you have a fabulous Wednesday! I'm linking up with Lindsey!
As my friend, Hannah, told me today: Make it Great!

IMG_3765 copy

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Creativity can make a Big Difference

Have you seen these shoes?

Source: None via Sarah on Pinterest

They are pretty hot right now. They are called Toms. The company was started by a guy named Blake. He was visiting Argentina when he decided to make and sell shoes. And every time he sells a pair, he gives a pair to a kid in a third world country.

A cool concept. God created us to be creative and use our creativity for Him. There are lots of creative professions that He mentions in the Bible, such as, bakers, potters, sewers and embroiderers. I especially like the mention of sewers and embroiderers. 

I am finally getting through to Matt that this little sewing/photography/art business is legit. He seems to think that people can go without the things I make. Moreygirl has been slowly getting more successful, but I'm still not sure that he can see it...or understand it. That people really do love handmade, even if they can't make it themselves. That people really do want something made just for them. That people just want to feel special. 

Embroidery is something that I'm sure Matt would think trivial. But that whole creative process is so important to God that He talks about it for the garments of the high priest.

So when some people say that handmade things don't matter, you can rest assure that God handmade you, and you matter. And He's not through with you yet. You are a work, a handiwork, in process.

As for the story about Toms, I think I'll read Blake's book.

I'm also thinking I need these;)
Source: via Katy on Pinterest

Monday, September 12, 2011

MoreyGirl Monday

Hi Everyone! Did you have a good weekend? We had our local fall festival this weekend. There were rides and games and lots of fun activities. We rode a couple of the rides...namely, the Hustler.

The boys hated the Hustler. I'm not really one to laugh at my kids when they're scared but Bo was hilarious. I can't wait to take them to Six Flags sometime.
The pic up there is from the much more pleasant Scrambler:)

I also want to introduce you to Liz! Her blog is called Behind the Scenes.  She's a teacher, a believer, and a thirty-one consultant. And she is doing a giveaway on her blog this week. And I'm a part of it!

Go over and check it out now!

Behind the Scenes

I've also got two more bags going up in the shop shortly!

I had asked this question before...and everyone said to go for it;) but these two bags are Previously Loved Bags. I carried them both. They've been cleaned and washed and are ready to be carried again! I will say they wash up beautifully. I washed them in cold water and laid them out to dry. You can do that with just about any MoreyGirl bag too!

IMG_3630 copy

Friday, September 9, 2011


We had a little rain last night while we ate our supper. I looked out the window to see this!

IMG_3737 copy

Can you see the double rainbow in that pic? It's to the right of the bright one.

I hadn't seen a rainbow that bright in a long time:) Once, at our old house, a rainbow ended right in our yard.  That was pretty cool. No pot o' gold though.

This one was a full rainbow though.  Right over our little homestead.

IMG_3734 copy IMG_3732 copy Hope you have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 years and a choice

Ten years! Can you believe it? Matt and I made it. Today is our 10 year anniversary. 

wedding pic

I am here to tell you that it was not always easy. We fought. a. lot. The first 3-4 years of our marriage were the hardest of my life. Hands down. We are two of the most stubborn people you will ever meet and that did not jive so well those first few years.

Here's a copy of our vows. Even then I knew I didn't want to recite the same old vows everyone else does. Pastor Mike had these from a previous wedding he had done. I knew then that I couldn't have written anything more eloquent than this.


Can you read it? Here's what it says: 

When I become your wife today, I enter into a new phase of life and I do so with joy and with anticipation of the life we will share together.
Making God our first priority, I commit to building a life with you where we acknowledge God's presence everyday, helping you grow in your Christian walk as you help me with mine.
I know that love is a choice that is made and not just an emotion, so I will make the decision to love you every day.
May we share in the changes of life with flexibility, faithfulness and respect for each other.
I promise today to share with you all that I am and all that I will become until we are parted by death.

We actually read those words ten years ago. I cried when I read mine. They give me goosebumps today.

I know a lot of people think that if you love someone it should be easy.  I wish I could give you an actual formula to make it easier. But the truth is: it's not easy.
Nothing that you really care about is...ever.
Having kids = work. Raising kids = work. Successful business = work. Skinny body = work.
See where I'm going with this?

Now, things are easier. We still have our issues, we still fight, but it is easier. Maybe we've gone soft in our old age. Maybe we've realized that love will choose to take the back seat for someone else, if it means they'll be happy. 

It won't work without work.  I have to remind myself of this a lot of times. Matt can drive me insane but I choose him. He truly is the man that I want to be with. I wouldn't have it any other way.

inspiring books

Gussy's link today is on books. Books. I can't remember a time that Dad didn't have a book in his hands. For that matter, my grandparents always read too. Usually, it was the Bible. I think that is pretty amazing. I wonder what my kids will say about what I read when they grow up.

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

When I was in high school, I read a lot. I mean I always had a book. I read The Scarlett Pimpernel over and over. There was a copy of it at the Galesburg library that was little and red and blue. Someone had written in the margins. I really loved that little book.

I also read a lot of Bodie Thoene. She wrote/writes historical fiction. The Zion Covenant was a series that I loved. It's a great tale of German Jews in 1939. There is a lot of things in them about the war, and how people must have felt, that really get you thinking about what life must have been like in Europe during that time.  I think I might have to reread these now!

Bodie also wrote some books called The AD Chronicles. They are historical fiction too. They are based on Bible times. The story line that stuck with me there is Rachel whose boys were killed at the time when Harod ordered all the baby boys to be murdered because the New King had been born. That was a point of view that I had never even thought about. It made those Bible stories really real to me. That there were people back then that had feelings and thoughts. 

Lately, some of my favorite books have been Blue Like Jazz. It's by Donald Miller. He wrote another book called A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. It's about his realizations while he edited Blue Like Jazz. He talks a lot about building a better story for ourselves. Not settling for the life that we are leading. That we are actually writing the book of our lives...would anyone want to read it when we are done? 
Awesome book.

“If you aren’t telling a good story, nobody thinks you died too soon; they just think you died.” 
~Donald Miller

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

craftiness and indecisiveness

I'm in charge of the creative activities at MOPS. And our first meeting of the year is next Monday! I'm so excited! So excited in fact, that I can't decide on a craft!!

I really, really want to make these:

I think I will make them today and see how hard they would be to teach. We are going to have a little bit of extra time on Monday for crafts so it might be a good day to teach these. And I already have the knit fabric.

Or we can do these:
IMG_3724 copy

I crocheted the ruffle edge on the EAT towel...too much for mops? I can teach that part or we can just glue on the ribbons and ricrac. Maybe I'll just take both and let them decide there!

The idea for the towels came from Life Made Lovely. She had a post on them. She saw them here. I kind of did my own little take on them:)

Tell me, which would you rather do? I can always save one for a later meeting.
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