Tuesday, September 20, 2011

your creative passions

What do you think of when you hear "your creative passions"? Is it sewing? Crafting? Music? 
You all know what mine is:)
Jesus was a carpenter's son. I'm sure He did some carpentry work. 
Do you think He enjoyed it? Do you think He was relaxed when He did it? Do you think He liked it?
I'm pretty sure that Jesus did everything passionately.


                                                                                           Source: reveriemine.com via Kali on Pinterest

I think that we really do need to be creative. I think it's in everyone of us. I think that we really do need to follow these rules. 
Don't give up.
Have Fun!

Do something creative today, even if it isn't technically "art".


Jamie said...

I LOVE that list. I'm pinning it.
I like to think that Jesus enjoyed being a carpenter... It seems like a sort of creative job to me. But you're right, He did EVERYTHING whole-heartedly.

angie on maui said...

I love this post; so short, sweet and powerful!

Visiting you from Jami's "We Encourage" link-up and loving the opportunity to meet so many beautiful women who share in my love for the Lord!

We follow so many of the same blogs...I'm surprised I didn't find you sooner! :) I hope you are having a blessed week!


Faith said...

LOVE this list!!

Jami said...

thank you for this encouragement! so true!

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