Friday, August 27, 2010


Do you realize that I have to scan all pictures from my childhood. It must be like my mom having only black and white of hers. It's pretty funny looking back on these. I can remember thinking I was pretty hot stuff in this outfit. You can't see it though. It was a red turtleneck that was way loose on me. Loose, because I was just about the only girl around with boobs so I was extremely self conscious. My skirt was a pleated black and white check skirt that came down to my knees. Then I wore black pantyhose and black patent (p)leather high healed mary janes. Oh yeah, and I had some pin on my shirt that I borrowed from my mom!


I don't know though. I look a little drugged. I usually did around this time in my life. I just didn't open my eyes all the way, I still don't. But geez, is that any worse than the looks on my older sisters' faces?:)

spooks..haha...gotta love them.

So our old school closed down. We were all really excited because we could wear pants to the new school. BUT, we had to have "seat-covers". I kid you not people. In case you were confused, "seat-covers" were shirts that were long enough to cover your butt, lest some boy accidently looked at your butt thought naughty things about you. Sometimes I can't believe that this is the school my parents volentarily sent us too.


Proof right here...That was our cheerleading outfit that year.

The numbers in the classes dropped severely too. Our class went from being one of the largest to only 5 of us by the time we graduated. The new school was mainly run by a board of parents that sent their kids to our school. We (meaning me, Lester, and Emma) hated the board.  We got accused of a lot gossip and crappy things that year. It was pretty much awful.


Still played vball. Still loved it. But I'm kinda sick of talking about it.

Had my first boyfriend that year too. His name was Josh. He called me "QT PI" but he spelled pi like you would in algebra. He was my first kiss. He broke up with me because well, we were 15 and what really do 15 year olds have in common besides crappy music and school. He didn't go to our school either.

Monday, August 23, 2010

yee haw

We went to the rodeo on Saturday. The boys were extremely excited! That is, until about the last round of bull riding. I don't know what they were complaining about, they each sat on our laps to see and those bleachers were hard!

bull rider

The favorite of the night was the bulls though. Even though we had this kind of entertainment...

stunt girl

matt saw something interesting

Matt was probably just making sure she got off the horse ok? ;)

me n bo

Bo sucked his fingers the entire time.

I liked the calf roping.

calf roping

and some bareback riding.


Point and shoot cameras stink at night time. I can't take a picture with them at dark.

We did have a great time. The boys wanted to get ice cream afterward, but I don't think they even made it out of town before they were asleep!

What did you do this weekend?

Friday, August 20, 2010


Slone has grown up. Remember when he looked like this?


Well, the "big heart" part, that still goes. His new teacher gave us a little paper about a book she is going to read the kids today. It's about a momma who kisses the kid's hand and tells him if he feels scared at school, he can put his hand to his face, feel the kiss, and know his mom loves him. So I kissed his hand and told him about the story. The kid had tears in his eyes, which obviously put tears in mine. He really is big hearted.

When did this...

Slone on Hayrack ride

become this?

failed together shot

But I really am happy that he is growing up. I have a huge amount of pride when the new teacher told me that the old teacher says he's a great kid. I hope he grows up to be a great man. Actually, I pray that he does.


bus is here!

Marty, the bus driver, cracks me up in this pic...

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I dug out my yearbooks, so now I finally have a couple of pictures for you. I still cannot find my scrapbook so these scanned black and whites will have to do for awhile.

So freshman year was fun. I got to do a lot of different things that year at school. I was part of a vocal ensemble. We ended up and won the Christian school state competition that year and got to go to Bob Jones University for Nationals. It was a long trip in a 15 passenger van listening to the driver singing bass (and bad bass at that) the whole way there. We slept in the dorms there, itty bitty dorms. We sang in a little practice hall and competed in a large class room. We didn't win, but it was worth the trip.

I played varsity volleyball that year too. We went to state that year and won second place.

I still was cheerleading and the boys were invited to Wisconsin to a college there for a tournament. We rode in a miserable school bus with very little heat in February to a town north of Green Bay.

Here I am on the yearbook staff. Good grief. I hate 90's pics. I have a suit on for crying out loud, and I'm only 14!

Our school started to fall apart that year. There were a lot of rumors and a lot of sadness that year too.  A lot of people left angry and a lot of people left hurt, and I think for the most part a lot of us left confused.  Some of the parents decided to open a new school that was run by themselves. Just wait for that story.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Old Settlers Days

Every year we go to Brimfield for Old Settlers Days. There was a parade, rides, games, lawn mower races, food...lots of food, and fun.

Slone rode on the parade float with the church.

Slone on the float

Lexi got lots of candy and shared the "big boy candy" with my boys, since Slone couldn't catch any because he was on the float.

lexi and her stash

Max scarfed down a popsicle that were passed out at the parade.

max and his popsicle

Matt had to compete in the lawn mower races...He got third and won two bucks. Believe me, he is still talking about it and how he would've won...blah, blah, blah. I seriously have to tune him out. Does he not realize that it doesn't matter and first only won like five dollars?

matt, the great lawn mower racer

We were walking back after the races and the boys wanted to ride on the ferris wheel. I'm not sure that they have ridden on a big one. We bought some tickets and got on. Bo was tense and couldn't hardly stand it at first. I have to admit, I didn't really like it either...Am I getting old? All I could think about was how rickety it was.

Here's his face during the ride.

Bo on the ferris wheel

We had to hold hands...he insisted.

we had to hold hands...his idea

The view from the top of the ferris wheel.

from the top of the ferris wheel

Since this week Slone starts school, it was a good way to say so long to summertime.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Eighth Grade

Well, eighth grade runs into seventh grade and ninth grade for me. We didn't graduate from eighth grade like most junior highers. I was in volleyball again. I was the captain of the jv team and got to play on the varsity team too. It made a lot of girls mad. I didn't care though, I loved volleyball that much.

I cheered that year too. I was the captain of the jv cheer squad too. But later on in the year the school secretary told me that the coach wanted me on varsity but didn't want the other girl that was in my class to be on the varsity squad. So they decided to hold me back. I'm pretty sure that's when I quit liking cheerleading....and that girl.

During the summers, I was involved with Faith Bible Camp. It is definitely one of my favorite places to be. I hung out with Cathy and Janel for those few summers in junior high. We had a blast, swimming, singing, Bible memory, and of course there were always boys there to be around. I loved a boy named Ben. We were both so shy though that I don't think we even talked to each other that year. Sometimes, I wish I wasn't shy...but think of all the trouble I would've been in!

After we moved back home, Mom and Dad had Gramma and Grampa over every Sunday after church for dinner. We didn't have the kitchen done in our new house yet, so Dad grilled a lot. Gramma Morey started to develope Ahlzheimers somewhere in that time. It wasn't really bad for quite a while but that was around the time that I realized that she wasn't always spot on. My older sister Lyn and her husband Mike would join us too. That's exactly what I love about my family, is that we always ate together. We had a lot of great times around that table that my dad built.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lemonade Cookies

Found this recipe from Talkin' Chow and Playin' House. The blog is written by two sisters and they have lots of yummy recipes! I want to try this one next!

I tried calling them Lemonade Cookies so the boys would eat them. I will say that both of them tried them, and they both didn't like them. I liked them though. I think they are a little too strong with lemon for them.

You need a lemon cake mix, veggie oil, eggs, and a lemon.


You make little balls out of the batter. But the batter is so thick, I ended up smashing the cookies out before I baked them.


Then you end up with these pretty little cookies.




Thursday, August 5, 2010

Seventh Grade

Here we go again....another week!

Seventh Grade:

I've been trying to think all week about this year of my life. I was twelve. I liked a boy named Ryan. He married my best friend Emma about 9 years later:) Lester, my cousin, and Laurie Jo were my other best friends. Lester was one of the smartest kids ever. But one day we were all at Laurie Jo's grandparents and we went down to the basement. There was a vintage "danger" sign hanging above the stairs, warning you not to hit your head on the ceiling. Lester says "dane - grr" I think Laurie and I laughed so hard we about peed our pants.

We also sold the house that I had grown up in my whole life. We had to move to an old house that was on one of the farms that my dad owned. It was the most disgusting house that I had ever seen. I was mortified that we were going to have to live there. But not as mortified as I was when I found out that my younger sister, Charity and I were going to live with my grandparents while mom and dad fixed it up. Granted, we were only about three miles away from each other but my grandparents were old. Like in their 80's old.

Turns out, that it wasn't that bad. We played a lot of SkipBo and Uno. Gramma and I were always partners and Charity and Grampa were always partners, and we were extremely competitive. I remember one game of Uno that Gramma was so excited that we won. But when we saw Grampa's card it was a zero! So it was like they won too!

That was the year that the Spoon River that was next to our new house flooded. The flood of '93. We found a huge snapping turtle. Gramma was scared to death that we were going to get bit. I didn't realize the gravity of it until that turtle bent the end prong on the rake. The river flooded over the roads, filled my dad's fields, and wrecked a lot of things.

In school, I was on the volleyball team. I loved volleyball and I was good at it. I was the captain of the JV team that year. I was also on the cheerleading squad. It wasn't nearly as fun as volleyball but it got me a free ride to all the boys basketball games.

Seventh and eighth grade kind of run together on me for school. I can't remember what happened what year. Like, which year the Helders came to teach at school. They were two of my favorite people.

I have been searching for some photos all day! I can't find a scrapbook that I made my senior year that had my whole life in it! Believe me, you need to see the pics:)

Edit: I did find a picture of my grandparents, Lyman and Wilhelmina Morey.

Monday, August 2, 2010


my favorite....except if you eat too many you get all good things, I guess. These are from my little garden of four tomato plants. I'm the only one who eats them so I don't need that many. I picked 35 tonight!



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