Tuesday, May 31, 2011

the start....of a cool quilt

well, I have finally started my quilt. It began with my flickr group "Sew Fun 2". I've told you about these flickr groups before. My month was last year sometime, like september? I can't remember.

I had the girls of the group match 9 patch squares out of some awesome material that I ordered from FabricWorm. It's an awesome shop because they put fabric together in bundles for you. And they are not bundles of all the same line, they are all mixed up.

quilt grey and colors

I got 26 blocks back, which is really awesome considering there are 12 girls sending them back to me.

I had some light grey fabric and I had Maggie cut it up for me (more on that later). Then I drew a line diagonally down the squares. I sewed down each side of the line, and then cut in between the stitches, coming out with one side patchwork, one side grey.

Then I pieced them together using the technique in Denyse Schmidt's book to make a zigzag or chevron pattern!

sew fun 2 quilt started

The blocks don't exactly match up - every girl in the group had their own way of putting them together. But I think it's gonna be really cool.

I'm going to make it square, I think. And use it for picnics and things like that.

I'll be posting more pics of my progress as I go!

quilt chevron

Thursday, May 26, 2011



This brand new little guy was left in the field next to our house tonight. Matt was mowing up the field and luckily saw him before he ran him over.

He's already followed us back to the house. Our vet friend says though if he didn't get his momma's colostrum, the longest he will live is three weeks.

Funny, my brother brought a baby deer home when I was about Slone's age. Actually, I bet I was Bo's age. I will have to have Mom find the picture.

Here's to hoping he makes it through the night!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the bedroom

I spent most of yesterday in my bedroom. You see, I have NO closets in my room at all. None, nada. Where can I put my clothes?! I have to switch them around with every season, putting off season ones in storage. It makes a girl's life rough.

Other than the size of my room, I really do like it. It faces the east and north. And it's nice to wake up in the summer time.

side one bedroom

Almost everything in there is from Target. I know, I just can't help it though! The curtains are shower curtains that I cut in half. The coverlet is from a year or two ago. The turquoise polka dot sheets were on the clearance rack. I can usually find some really cute bedding in the clearance at Target. I got the crochet afghan at an auction about 7 years ago. Yellow pillow is Target too.

ok, ready for the scary side?

side two

Matt's grandpa got me the big dresser at an auction for $5. I love this dresser so much. It's drawers are really deep and I can fit lots of clothes in it. The little white vanity was my aunt's. When we lived with my grandparents while mom and dad were fixing up our house (I was 12ish), I used this vanity. Aunt Ruthie let me have it after my grandparents passed away. It's not really conducive for storage though! Hence the tubs under it.


I store all my necklaces and earrings on this chicken wire holder thingys. They are actually supposed to be notecard holders and you are supposed to use clothes line clips to attach your notes or pics. But the little handles work great for hanging up my jewelry and belts.

grandma and grandpa

This is a wedding picture of my grandparents. They are my mom's parents. Fred and Susie. Love the curl on her forehead.

sketch of matt and me

This was the first present I ever gave Matt. I drew it out of complete desperation, having no idea what to get him. Matt is not the easiest person to buy for. I sketched it off of one of the first pictures I had of us. It's only about 5x5 inches. I love it though.

side one bedroom

Hope you enjoyed the little tour!

Monday, May 23, 2011

We are pig farmers


Oh yes, we have pigs. Or should I say pig-es. That's how Bo says it:) see his pig outfit? You have to wear long pants, gloves, and a hat when you're doing pig chores.


Their names are Bacon, Pepperoni, Billy, and Billy. The last two are the names Bo picked out. You wouldn't want your pigs confused.


Oh, and if you get thirsty while you're doing the chores just help yourself...the pigs do! Don't worry, I have put a stop to drinking pig water...at least while I'm out there anyway. What momma doesn't know won't hurt her!


I'm sure you are going to be seeing lots of these guys this summer:) It's actually one of the best things at we have done for the boys. They are learning responsibility by taking care of them. And they do know it's their responsibility. This momma is not doing that! I've actually already done that and I dont want to again.

Friday, May 20, 2011

some encouragement for the day:)

Kinze said I need to write a post about encouragement. I guess she was really encouraging me. So this one is for her:

Source: None via Miriam on Pinterest

Think about that one...Sometimes it really does feel like I've been born with a spirit of fear and timidity. It's funny how the older I get, the braver I get.  It's also the theme verse for next year's MOPS meetings. If you have never come to our meetings, I'm inviting you now. And I'm going to keep inviting you. How's that for being brave?

I hope that I can install this into my boys. But for right now I'm glad they are still little. Here's what Slone brought home in his school bag yesterday. My favorite quote of the day :)

slone dinos

I love this:) Looks like we need to work on spelling his middle name though!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the field trip

This field trip was not what I wanted to do last Thursday. That is until my friend, Evie invited me to ride along with her to the zoo (and a couple of other moms). Then Slone had a breakdown and said I was the only mom not going. So like a good mom, I signed up after the sign ups had been closed. It all worked out though.


He was right though, there weren't very many parents that didn't go. I don't really get that at all. I do not remember my mom, and NEVER my dad going anywhere with the class for a field trip. Now my parents were at all my games, graduations, recitals, and Christmas programs, but never a field trip.


I had imagined all of us following the teacher around like baby ducks to the mama duck, but they just turned us loose in the zoo.


We spent most of the day with Morgan, Slone's friend that sits at his table at school. We walked with him and his mom and dad.


Slone loves animals and I wouldn't be surprised if he grows up to do something with them. Did you know that the only mammals to lay eggs are platypus and anteaters??  That's the kind of talks we have after school:)


His beloved goats....about a year ago he got it in his head he wants to be a goat farmer. Still does. He's a farmer not but not a goat one. You'll have to read later this week to see what we got!


He thought this was the coolest merry-go-round. Actually, it was pretty cool.


Kindergarten Field Trip 2011 with Slone :)

Monday, May 16, 2011

family bike rides

How I hope this becomes a tradition! We live on a country road that doesn't really get a ton of traffic. Slone was begging the other day to go for a bike ride on the road...obviously, he can't go by himself. So on Mother's day, we all went. I started off riding Slone's little bike but my knees hit the handle bars, so I walked the rest of the way.

We ended up down the road at Matt's friend Mike's new house. He's redoing the whole house! That stuff just gets me excited! I walked in and could see myself living there. Of course, I would do that if I walked into your house;) Anyway, we were getting ready to head back home and Mike asked me where my bike was. I said I didn't have one so he let me "borrow" his. I'm not really sure he'll ever come back to get it. He likes bikes with motors;)

We have been taking family rides every night since! The only problem is Bo won't ride the little one on the road so we resort to this...

Not the safest, but Bo laughs a lot:)


See, Matt really does ride a bike;)


Oh, and the pics are taken on my new iphone {swoon}. I love my new phone! the app is called hipstamatic if any of you were caring. It's way more fun than just the old camera on the phone!

Friday, May 13, 2011

shop update!!

Finally! After lots of drama from blogger, they were evidently down for almost 3 days, I've got new stuff in the shop! I've also been on a field trip to the zoo with a bunch of kindergartners and had a moreygirl party!

It was a terrific party! Thanks, Gretchen {waves}! I didn't take my camera that night though! I should have. Her dining room was transformed into a little moreygirl shop:) I had made some new hipster bags especially for the party and all but two sold! Happily, one of the ones left was the one I wanted! And when Laura came home to visit, she bought the other one (gotta love sisters;). I need to get busy again making more!

Here are some shots of the bags:)

IMG_2427 copy

IMG_2424 copy

IMG_2417 copy

Happy Friday!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Shop Update and Introducing...

my little sister, Charity, has been busy! Knitting up some baby booties to add to the moreygirl line! Don't worry though, she's a moreygirl too so it's all good:)

organic booties

Aren't they the most adorable little booties ever?! Almost makes me want another baby! and a girl baby at that!

pink booties

These little beauties are going to be at Gretchen's moreygirl show this week. If they are not sold, I will be listing them in the shop.

cream booties

The moreygirl shop will be updated on TUESDAY, MAY 12! Everything that I have will be ready to ship on that date! There will also be some items that you could customize...like those adorable booties!


More info on the moreygirl parties coming soon!
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