Thursday, May 26, 2011



This brand new little guy was left in the field next to our house tonight. Matt was mowing up the field and luckily saw him before he ran him over.

He's already followed us back to the house. Our vet friend says though if he didn't get his momma's colostrum, the longest he will live is three weeks.

Funny, my brother brought a baby deer home when I was about Slone's age. Actually, I bet I was Bo's age. I will have to have Mom find the picture.

Here's to hoping he makes it through the night!


Kristy said...

OMG! So CUTE! I hope he's going to make it! I wouldn't be able to resist hugging him!

mickev said...

Can't wait to come see him! Side note - love the revamp on the side bar! Espcially the "Hi, I'm Heather" pic! : )

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