Thursday, August 25, 2011

favorite color

This one is tricky. I have so many!

But I love this one:

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

because I would so do this in my kitchen...

Those tiles...i love them! And you could accent with the red, like on the knobs of that stove.

Red's not your thing? Well, how about yellow?

Lime is one of my favorites too!

A coral looks awesome with it too!

Purple is superb with it!

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

So I guess aqua is my favorite right now;) It'll be different once the fall colors start coming out!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!
You can check out more of the colors I love by following my pinterest:) you know your addicted too!


Sarah B. said...

I love aqua too! And those kitchens are so delightful and cheery :)

Jessica @ jessicaNdesigns said...

I LOVE the kitchen with the teal island!!! Coming from Gussy!

Heather from said...

Love all of your pins. I knew you and I were sure to get along ;) I love aqua too.

April said...

SWEET COLOR CHOICE! (even though I'm a bit partial because that's my fave too!)

I love those doors and the purple and aqua bedroom. Swoon!!!

kris {life at the table} said...

these colors are right up my alley...i love turquoise with all those!!! i'm thinking aqua and coral is my current favorite combination.

Erin said...

oh girl, we could totally be friends simply based on those pics!! I LOVE them!! :) I love aqua too - such a great color and it pairs well with so many other colors!! :)


Shelly of The Daisy Diarie's! said...

Very pretty photos!
Fabulous Inspiration!
Shelly xo

Jen said...

Love all your photos. Guess I will be making my way over to pinterest to find you. :-) Visiting from Gussy's Inspiration Workshop.

Jenny Taylor said...

I love the shades of aqua you chose! Those photos are so inspiring!

kinze said...

yup ... i'm lovin the new look of the blog ... and your pics are so stinking cute ... did you do them yourself?!

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