Monday, February 2, 2009

25 things about me:) part 1

This is stolen from Facebook. But I hate that website. It kinda gives me the creeps:) But I'm still addicted. I'm going to do this in little installments though. Hey it's late and I've got to go watch Heroes and Chuck (I'll explain in the list:)
Oh and I hate post without pics so here's one of me and Slone at Christmas this year. 

1. I talk to my mother at least once a day. Sometimes 3 or 4 times. My sisters all come in at a close second. If one of them doesn't answer, I go down the line until one of them does answer. 

2. I think that my husband is the best looking guy in the room...any room. I always have. The first time I saw him I about died. Had to meet him. Yup, pretty sure I loved him right then. 

3. My children, I love them.  It makes me feel like SuperMom when Slone volunteers an I love you. Or when someone tells me how wonderful and polite my children are. (That is until my 4 year old calls his uncle a "psycho".)

4. I use the word "psycho" way to much.

5. I hate doing the dishes. More. than. anything.

to be continued...


I am Harriet said...

Yeah. I know what you mean about Facebook.

Luanne said...

Your comment about Facebook being creepy totally cracked me up!

mickev said...

Ok, well I love Facebook. WE don't agree there. But #1, I am sooo with you.
Sorry, but MY husband is the best looking guy in the room... :)
And #3 is ok, because his uncle is a psycho! haha! :)

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