Thursday, July 21, 2011

blog worthy....

How do you know if something is blog worthy? I surely can't tell half of the time. Oh, I know I like to write the tutorials and recipes and picture taking.  But how much of me, telling you, about how cute my boys are, can you take before you tune out? How many times can I tell you "we went swimming today" before you hate me? My sister has a pool, by the way, that's the only way to go if you need some cheap fun for the summer...have your sister get a pool!


It's been really hot here for the last week. And when we haven't been swimming, we've been slackin' in the house. I've been making these while we watch the Spectacular Spiderman for the umpteenth time...

Crochet goodies
crochet flowers about 3.5 inches wide

I'm going to offer them at all the shows I'm doing this fall! I've been making them in some fun fall colors. You can pin them on your blouse, purse, headband, scarf, where ever. How about on your new check book cover?;)

Checkbook covers

I've got a few of these made up and they will be for sale shortly too! I love them!

I'm really excited to share all of this with you guys, but I think I'm going to enjoy the last few weeks of my summer vacation! Both boys will be in school this year and I'm counting down the hours until I get a whole morning or afternoon to myself! (I don't know which until we find out which preschool class Bo is in)

I'll still be posting, just not every day like in the winter. Maybe once a week. I hope you are having a fabulous summer too!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

I finished my quilt!

I got it done! I'm really excited about it too!

IMG_3141 copy

These were the blocks I had the flickr group make...remember?

IMG_3142 copy

I used a black with tiny white pin dots for the binding. I machine stitched it on. I am not patient enough to hand stitch it. It would have never been finished if I had tried!

IMG_3150 copy

IMG_3144 copy

I'm going to use it for picnics and park outings. Bo is especially excited to have a picnic on it. He's been asking non-stop since I got it done:)

IMG_3154 copy

I backed it with a twin sized sheet from Target...where else:)?

IMG_3148 copy

Happy picnicking:)

Gen X Quilters Summer Fair

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

homemade moon sand = fail

I've seen this recipe all over the web lately. Both the boys are obsessed with the idea of moon sand. Well, they are obsessed with really any toy, gadget, or expensive thing they market towards kids during Saturday morning cartoons. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to try it.

IMG_3091 copy

The recipe I had called for 4 cups of sand, 1 cup corn starch, 1 cup water. I thought maybe the koolaid would color the sand, but it didn't. Maybe because ours was yellow? I don't know.

IMG_3093 copy

Adding the cornstarch. I didn't have quite a full cup. That might have been our problem.

IMG_3097 copy

IMG_3098 copy

The boys lost interest pretty quickly after the mixing point. The sand didn't hold together like moon sand is supposed to. Maybe store bought moon sand is the same way? Because we all know it never works quite like the commercial says!

IMG_3099 copy

We would have been better off just to add some water. That's what it ended up like, wet sand...

IMG_3101 copy

As you can see, there is no shortage of sand here! The "moon sand" was soon integrated in with the regular sand. some, lose some. At least it was just a little sand and cornstarch and a pack of gross koolaid:)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

hunky dorey

I have heard a couple of people say to me lately, "you just do so much". My UPS man, every time he sees me says "Heather's got it together". And I must add, I see him on a weekly basis...his name's Paul.

This might be a shocker...but I truly hope that I never sound braggy or prideful. I get really sick of people that do that. "Oh, look at me" type of attitudes. Friendships have been ruined over that.

My kids fight and scream, my house can be a disaster, my husband is mad cause I fixed "crappy" vegetables again. Things in my life don't go the way I think they should go every time. My husband and I fight and disagree. And if I wait long enough, my husband is usually right....I will deny ever saying that, by the way.

I just don't really feel the need to share all of this junk with you here at my blog on a daily basis. There's definitely other women in the world that have had two boys that fight. Other women that have had husbands that don't like to eat vegetables. Other women that can't keep their house cleaned up and other women that would like to be in a bigger happier...and so on.

chives 2011
some chives from my garden
But if you really wanna know my "get it together" secrets that seems to be working the last few weeks...oh, you are going to hate this (cuz I hate it)...


There, I said it. I get so much more done when I get up earlier. Today I got my run in before the boys ever got up. The house is straightened up from last night, so I rewarded myself with a little internet this morning.

ok, next're going to hate this one too. It's hard (well, sometimes).


No, really, just try being genuinely nice. Put their needs before yours without complaining and just watch their reactions. I admit though....this one takes a long time to see results.


I bet you can count more blessings than hardships if you really tried. I am not saying that terrible things don't happen. It's just that most of us don't have terrible things happen to us. And the more you focus on the good things, the better your attitude is.


I find so much comfort in sewing and doing crafty things that it's just a way of my life now. I've also taken up running. Let me tell ya, I have nothing to brag about there but at least I'm doing it. I am proud of myself for that.

Ok, I hope that was at least some motivation for you!

garden 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I got to take these little beauties pics last week.

gj05 copy

gj30 copy

gj29 copy

So sweet and cute! Thanks Stacy for letting me come out!

Friday, July 1, 2011

heaven in a pan

I have always loved Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Always. They are the first candy bar I pick out at the gas station or grocery store line. Twix is a close second though. Maybe it's because you get two in a pack?

Well, Matt and the boys had been asking for cookies but it's so hot and it's a lot of work when they scarf down all the cookies in about 5 minutes flat. I came across this recipe for no-bake peanut butter bars. I thought I'd take a chance.

reese's bars

Whoa! I love these bars! They do taste like Reese's. The chocolate is my least favorite part so these hit the spot. Check out the recipe I used here. These would be good for a Fourth of July Picnic. But you'll have to keep them cool. They would melt just like the real Reese's!
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