Wednesday, March 31, 2010

made some bread

That's right.  I made some homemade bread the other day. It was yummy! And it was "no knead" bread, so it was super easy. I found the recipe from Not Quite Nigella.  I was scared that it wouldn't come out, but it did. I think if it would've been warmer in my house, it would have risen even more than it did.

You are supposed to bake it in your dutch oven.  I think it looks really pretty.

And it was awesome with just butter and strawberry preserves on it! But I didn't have time to take the pic of that;)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a place for shoes

I have always wanted one of these locker/cubby style benches. Now i finally have one. But I didn't get it at Pottery Barn, I made it. Well, I had a lot of help from my dad, but we had a good time putting it together. I got the pattern from knock off wood.  We modified it a little bit and used 1x12 pine boards for all of it. Dad thought it would be more sturdy since the boys will be crawling all over it. You really should check out that site though, I have tons of ideas for my next project.

This is where the boys put their shoes. I had the green carpet tiles already (I got those at flor.) I think the tiles will help keep it a little cleaner in there, since I can pull them out and shake them. The baskets I found at Target. They just happen to fit perfectly on the bottom. They hold hats and gloves right now.

Each boy has their own cubby. I painted the back of each cubby with chalkboard paint. I'm going to write their names in each one, but chalkboard paint has to cure for three days before you write on it. There will also be two hooks in each cubby, giving them a place for their bookbags and coats.  Mom found me some hooks, but I haven't seen her yet to get them!

Of course, we have to have a place for Matt's tractors. These tractors are really irritating to me. No one can play with them. They have boxes that we can't get rid of because they're not worth as much money without the boxes. So not only to I have these tractors around that I have to dust, I have to store the boxes too! But I digress....

Really though, I am extremely happy about how this all came out! It's a great place for the boys to put their things and I think it looks good too! The whole thing cost me about $100. I purchased the wood, screws, and a countersinker for the screws. I still have screws and of course the countersink for next time. The paint was $7 for a quart at home depot. I honestly don't know how much the chalk board paint cost me. I just bought it because I knew I wanted it. The baskets were $12 at Target. So for about $150 I got a great looking cabinet!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

an oldie

Here's an old pic I saw on my flickr. It was taken December 2, 2004. It's Matt and Slone. Slone is 3 days old and we were still in the hospital.

They still do this every weekend.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my little photog

This is what happens when you teach your five year old how to use the camera. Really though, how is this any different than most of my posts:)

See, these are the things he is really interested in.

His favorite brother

and a self portrait:)

and here's one that I took of him:)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

too deep for Monday?

I went to Hearts at Home two Fridays ago, and the theme was "mom's the word". They really emphasized the point of making your words count towards good and keeping quiet the bad ones. Well, I have a huge problem with words. Oh, I'm pretty good about keeping my mouth shut when I disagree with an acquaintance. Sometimes I can even keep it quiet with my sisters when they're driving me crazy. But my words when it comes to Matt, watch out! I'm like a crazy person. In fact, I got one of those "I'm sick of your mouth" comments just this last week. 

So, I went to Susie Larson's class, The Uncommon Woman. I liked it so much I bought the book. In the book, she talks about being uncommon: not getting caught up in gossip, being still and listening to God. And so far this week, I've had one of those word moments. Well, kind of....The problem was with an acquaintance, and I just ran the words off in my head not to their face, even though I wanted to really badly. I even came home and talked about it with Matt. I got myself all worked up. I then decided to check some emails and my new book is sitting right next to my computer.

The chapter I was to read next was She Wisely Picks Her Battles. Yup, my cheek's still red from that slap in the face. She talks a little bit about Peter in this chapter...

I am like Peter. Loyal, persistant, loving, faithful, failure, liar, sinking, redeemed. Peter had this tendancy to go in swinging. (start at Luke 22:49 if you want to know more about that.) When all he really had to do was let Jesus handle it. Let Jesus handle it. I'm going to let Jesus handle it. I'm not going to spout of my hurtful words, I'm going to pray for this person, even if it isn't what I want to do. I'm going to let Jesus handle it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

my new little niece

Calliegh Elizabeth Morey
March 3, 2010

This one is my favorite:) I love the purple and I love her eyes open!

Here she is with her proud (although having little bit of jealousy problem:) sister, Taylor.

I love the creaminess of this one.

This makes me want another baby.....almost:)

Congrats, Jake and Melissa! Love you!

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Miss Jennifer Dell has won the giveaway!

Hope you have fun with the book. I will email you!


We'll try another giveaway soon!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

how 'bout a giveaway!?!

That's right! A giveaway!

I'm giving away "Seams to Me" by Anna Maria Horner! I have sewn with a lot of her fabrics. She has such an eclectic style with some seriously awesome colors. There are 24 projects in the book, including decorating, organizing, and just some fun projects too.

I should mention this book is new. I've not cut the patterns or written in it.

There are two rules to follow.....You have to do something, I'm giving this book away, you know.

Here are the rules:
Leave a comment here, telling me what you would like to make.


The winner will be randomly drawn on Thursday afternoon at 5pm cst.
Please comment only once, everyone should have a fair chance.

Good luck!

Monday, March 8, 2010

deer show

We went to the "deer show" on Sunday. It was really the "outdoors show", I think that's what they called it. But by this pic, I guess "deer show" is pretty accurate.

My kids had the best day of their little lives so far.

 That is until we got to the deer cage, complete with two little hungry deer.

Slone loved it. Bo hated it. He let loose his blood curdling scream, scared the deer, scared the man that owned the deer, and cracked Matt & me up. Isn't that face hilarious? Love it.

But Slone still had a good time. He loved feeding them. It was cute.

Friday, March 5, 2010

my five year old

He's five, but he thinks he's eleven. He's sick of school. Well, sick of riding the bus, he says. He still sucks his thumb and needs his blanket at bedtime. He's the best at cuddles. This morning, he got in bed with me after Matt left for work. We watched Funniest Home Videos. We laughed for an hour, while his brother was still in bed. (In all honesty, Funniest Videos is one of my favorite things to watch.) He's obsessed with A-B patterns, something they learned in school. He laughs at his own knock knock jokes. He has incredibly dry skin. He hates getting his hair cut. His favorite food is chicken. He asks if we can go to Buffalo Wild Wings after church every Sunday. He can spell his name, dog, cat, and goat, but doesn't recognize the letter Z (that one I don't get). ---this is where the post goes downhill, fast.--- He has thrown up over the smell of his own poop. And just this week he asked me if I had a pee sack. What? So I asked him where his was. I found out only boys have them, I'll let you use your imagination. Yeah, I'm sick of him riding the bus too.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Long time, no posts!

Sorry about not being here the last two weeks. Things have been crazy. First of all taxes, which stink, but we have the most awesome tax man ever. We also had some other truck stuff that had to be taken care of. Matt bought another trailer, therefore I'm the one getting the tax, license and title for it. We had to go to Springfield for the day. And the trucks have just been plain busy!

Obviously, the boys are sick of hearing about am I. (no children were injured, physically or psychologically, in the taking of this picture.)

Slone has been going to school and still loving it, except he wants me to pick him up everyday. I don't really blame him since last Friday he got puked on while he was on the bus. Not a lot, just a little--enough to be totally traumatized.

Bo's been doing a lot of this in the afternoons. Which has been really good since I've been busy with paperwork.

Have you seen some of the new bags in the shop yet? Here's a couple of pics for you...

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