Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day

We went over to Mom's last night for a cookout and I took a few pictures. This is one that I doctored up a little bit. But I think that it came out cool. You can find a great tutorial for it here, hankandwillie. It's a fun photography blog to check out. There are also some freebies to pick up too.this is the original.

Now here's another one that I fixed and it's original. Another tutorial here from momolgy.

And this is my niece, Taylor.

I think that these textures are something different for the pictures. Gives them a old and vintage feel. Just some fun things for a Monday, I mean Tuesday.


Anna said...

So cool! I think they came out great. I love the feel those textures give to photos.

And love those big eyes on that baby!

mickev said...

Just lookin' back. Bobo was so adorable! (they both were and are!) But he has changed so much in that he is so tall and skinny now : )

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