Thursday, May 31, 2012

you have 9 days...

...til my birthday.

Collection of Pyrex Dishes

And I've been window shopping on etsy. My sister Lyn says I'm not allowed to buy myself anything until after my birthday. I'm pretty good at just going out and buying what I want...I guess;)

Red Retro Ring

 This ring is from my friend, Heather's shop!

Vintage Daisy Sour Cream Glasses Slightly Imperfect

Sour cream glasses. If they still sold sour cream like this, I'd be eating a lot more baked potatoes and texas cake!

Vintage Metal Porch Glider Patio Swing

And I want one of these badly!

I guess I'll have to wait!
There's a few more over on one of my pinterest boards too;)
hint hint nudge nudge wink wink

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

molly and caleb

A beautiful day for a wedding! 

Thankful that I was able to share in it!

Here are a couple more of my favorites from the day!

Such a gorgeous dress

crazy brothers....there's two more of em.

the groom and his mama

seriously unique boutonnieres

told ya they were crazy

cute ring bearers...but a little bored during the ceremony :)

Check out the video on the moreygirl facebook page.

Or the rest of them over on the photography section of the site!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Cleaning out

Do you start out organized and then end up like this?

It happens to me constantly! I think I'm really getting caught up on my house cleaning, and then I open this drawer to get out my makeup:(

I took everything out and washed up the little compartments. This dresser stands right outside my bathroom. I actually really like having all my makeup and hair accessories there. I keep my nail polish and perfume in there too.

So from left to right: hair stuff, perfume and a little dish for loose change that always collects here (my bc is in it too, otherwise I'd forget to take it), nail polish, basic makeup, then all the extra makeup in the tulip Clinique (free) bag. Up at the top are my phone accessories, and some shoe polish.

I hang my purse right to the left of the dresser. It makes it easy for me to grab the extra change I need, or my phone cords, and drop them in my purse when I'm headed out the door.

I honestly have never been this organized. But with a house as small as mine, I'm learning that you have to be! Plus I feel way better about myself when I'm not rushing around looking for my eyelash curler;)

- Love, Heather

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I wore this outfit to an April fools lunch and have been wearing it since. I really love this tank from Target. It has little birds or little leaves on it. I can't really tell. The cardigan is Target too. I bought it last year and took it on our cruise. It's the only thing that saved me from the air conditioning on the ship! 

I wore jeans that day but I'll be pairing capris and shorts with it too. And when it's really hot, just the tank. 

The big necklace is from old navy. I really like their jewelry. But the matching earrings to this necklace make my ears itch.

well, there you have it! another wiww! linking up to the pleated poppy!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

moreygirl engagement session

I have to admit, I was nervous for this one. Who am I kidding, I get nervous before all of them. But I'd never met neither Brenda nor Gregg when I went to take their engagement photos. If you know me at all, I'm pretty shy really.

Gregg and Brenda were probably the most easy going, relaxed couple that I've taken pictures of. They were naturals in front of the lens and if you've ever taken a picture, you know how much easier that makes your job!

Blog Board 3 I love that they were so comfortable with each other. They seem truly happy together! Can't wait to photograph their wedding in July! 

Congrats to Brenda and Gregg!
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