Saturday, September 26, 2009



I love this little snapshot. I love that Matt has a half-way smile on his face, at least it seems like he’s enjoying himself. I love that we’ve been married for eight years this month. I love that Slone has been a part of our family for almost five years. I love that he loves preschool. And I love that he had to have a picture of everyone in his family for homework. I love that Bo has been a part of our family for almost 3 years. I love that he’s crazy and happy. I love that this picture shows my family and all the chaos that comes with it…did you check out my desk!?!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Labor Day Fun (a week late)

I know, I know, Labor Day was a long time ago. But in my defense, the party was the weekend after, so I’m not really that late with posting:) Here’s Henry chowin’ down on some macaroni salad.
Taylor is never really sure about me with a camera at first.

Henry’s not really ever sure about Taylor at first either:)

The bigger boys had fun with the football. Can’t hardly believe that they are old enough to be in jfl.

Mom made all the great food. She’s always ready for a party.

Bo and Taylor played really well together. They were pretending to ride the little fourwheeler.

Then there was a new little fourwheeler. Slone was so excited!


It was a great afternoon.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fun at the Fall Festival


So Dad bought a steer at the Fall Festival the other night. The boys thought it was great! I’m not really sure they understand what was going to happen to the poor cow but they loved every minute of it:) So much so that Bo wanted to do this…cowwave

When Dad asked him if they should just let the cow run (with Bo on the steer), Bo wanted him too! That’s the little boy that they bought the steer from. I remember him as the same size as Slone. It won’t be long until Slone is doing all that stuff!

After the sale was over, we went up and rode the rides. It’s funny how they know exactly which ones they want to ride on. They also love the games. It sure seems like a lot of money for not much fun (time-wise). They definitely have fun. They the little car/bike merry-go-round first. Bo thinks he’s king, at least of the horn anyway.


Slone acts like his dad and tries to play it cool. But he secretly enjoys it just as much as Bo does.


Then they took a ride on the train. It was a little dull, but Bo enjoyed it nonetheless.


Hope everyone had a great of a weekend as we did!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the blog has moved

change your bookmarks people. I've switch the blog over to a much easier for me to use platform.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Slone's first day of school

So I didn't think I'd be this emotional. I really am excited for him to go, just not so excited that he is without me. Or is it: I am without him? I'm not really sad, not happy, just nervous. But I'm nervous about everything. I try not to be. I hope he doesn't take after me. I wish he's have the confidence that his dad does.

He told us last night that he didn't want to go. We finally got him conviced otherwise. It's amazing what a new shirt, shoes and backpack will do for a kid.

Bo was pretty bummed he didn't get to ride the bus. He keeps saying "own cool" and making a big pouty face. But he's saying "Slone school", like Slone's at school and Bo's not.

He got back this afternoon, says he's going back tomorrow! So overall, a pretty good day. I wonder if he'll even remember this day...

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