Friday, October 29, 2010

Scaredy Cat - age 7

Well, seven seems like a long time ago. Mrs. Johnson was my second grade teacher. She ended up being my teacher all through grade school. She was probably one of the best teachers I ever had. I can't remember much about school that year. My grades get mixed up. Since we were in a private school, we had little classes. They put 1st and 2nd grades (and 3rd and 4th, then 5th and 6th) together. Bless Mrs. Johnson. What a mess that must have been for her!


I can't remember if I was seven when this little story happened or not, I could have been younger. But I vividly remember this:

We (Charity, my younger sister and I) would get to stay with Aunt Jeanne if our parents went out of town. I loved Aunt Jeanne. She had a beauty parlor chair in her dining room/kitchen. Every Saturday morning, all these old ladies would come chat and get their hair done. We could never have the tv very loud when they were there. She also was a seamstress. I wish that I could meet her and my Grandma Rench now. They are my mom's mother and sister. They were both creative and made things. I would love to be able to sit with them and Mom and crochet or quilt.


Anyway, Aunt Jeanne had this big old house. In my seven year old mind, heck in my 29 year old mind, it looked like a haunted house. When you walked in the front door, the stair steps were right in front of you. She had a huge heavy curtain hanging in front of the steps. Nobody slept up there anymore, so she didn't heat it. But when you did get to go upstairs, it was this huge treasure on the show "Hoarders". I am not kidding. The upstairs was packed full of stuff. I was scared to go up there, scared I would never get back down. But I was scared of everything as a kid. I wish I wasn't that way and would've enjoyed things a little more.

Which brings me to my story...Aunt Jeanne's cat had kitties. Charity and I wanted one each so badly. My older sisters, Laura and Lyn, (for some crazy reason) took us over there to get two kitties. Remember, they are 17 and 15 years older than I am, so they could drive. Laura was home from college. She drove a little brown car. We picked out our kitties and put them in a box in the back seat. We started off for home. Aunt Jeanne lived probably 20 minutes from our house.

Charity and I could not wait til we got home to get a hold on those kitties. So we opened the box against our sisters warnings. Everything was going along nicely until the kitties started getting restless. Then one of them got sick, as in diarrhea on the back seat. Then one of them scratched Charity. I told her she was bleeding....she needed to know. Laura and Lyn both had their windows down with their heads out the windows. They wouldn't roll the back ones down for fear of the kitties escaping while driving down the road. Everyone was screaming and Laura and Lyn were laughing. Charity was so traumatized by the blood that Lyn let her climb up into the front seat, while I was left in the back seat to ward of kitties and poop with anything Laura had brought home with her from college, namely her pillows. Nobody could breathe because of the stench in the car. I'm so glad I didn't have to drive that car 12 hours back to Atlanta.

The kitty that I got ended up getting ran over in our driveway a couple weeks later. I didn't really even care. I hated that cat after that afternoon. Still hate cats.

Lyn, Jake, me, Mom, Charity, Laura, Dad      circa 1988

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ninja Slone

Kindergarten. Doesn't seem that big, well it didn't last year. But when your first born is in kindergarten, they seem huge.

He was the "star" last week and got report "today's news".

Star of the week

And he had to come straight home and tape it up on the wall in the living room. Matt asked me last night how long I was going to let Slone decorate. I say as long as he's proud of his work, there will always be a spot for it on my wall. I want him to know that I think he's important.

Star of the week

Today, he is a teenage mutant ninja turtle. He got the little mask at a birthday party and that started it all. I bought some felt in bulk at Joanns and found a picture on google and started sewing. I think it turned out pretty cool.

my ninja turtle

I didn't take any pics in the process. Totally forgot. But it's a pretty simple costume. I bought the pants and shirt at Old Navy on the clearance rack. All the felt cost me around 10 bucks. Not too shabby. I got one yard of dark brown (I probably could've gotten by with a half yard), quarter yard of the light brown, and half yard of green (probably could have gotten less of it too). But I didn't really know at the time just exactly what I was going to do. I sewed and stuffed the shell first, added the belt, made the front plate and added shoulder straps. The only thing I wish I would have done differently is lower the belt on the shell so it would be higher on his back.

my ninja turtle

Still, I think it's pretty cool. And it's easy enough for him to put it on by himself. I'm going to his party today so you'll probably be seeing a few of those pics later!

Happy Trick or Treating!

Monday, October 25, 2010

look who I got to spend the morning with



Sweetest baby. Sweetest momma. I had a great time taking his pictures today! I gotta get busy on the rest of his pics but I had to post this one!

But I just found these frames today. Aren't they awesome!? I think I need to offer these!

will in ellie frame

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the wonky house

wonky house block

This is October's block for Heather in our online quilting bee. I had the hardest time putting this together. You know one of those days that you should just walk away and try again tomorrow? That was this block.

I had never made a wonky house block before and I had no pattern....because it's wonky. It was harder than I anticipated.

in the dog house

I had to add in the doghouse. And since the moon is out in it, he had to be asleep:)


the millionth seam rip out

I told you. I ripped out seams and ripped out seams. It took me all afternoon. But I really do like the way it turned out. Hope that Heather does too:)

wonky house block

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

this is me {random thoughts}

I went over to my sister's yesterday and read a poem written by my 13 year old neice. It was called A Crazy Girl who Loves Horses. It was beautiful and I wanted to cry when I read it.

So this is a little ode to Maggie, my inspiration for this.

This is Me

i am a daughter, sister, mother, wife.
but i feel pulled in too many directions.
i love to eat but want to lose weight.
i spend money when i'm mad.
this is me.

i want to be creative and happy.
but i get stressed on what to make.
i might wish for another baby.
but i don't ever imagine the baby a girl.
this is me.

i fight the curls in my hair.
but sometimes i think a perm would be nice.
i love all things colorful.
i get bored with the same things.
this is me.

i am thankful for new friends.
i have cried when old friends need to move on.
i want to be famous.
but i am too shy.
this is me.

i am loved for who i am.
by my husband, my family, my Jesus.
i am saved by grace.
but not worthy, that's why it's grace.
this is me.

this is me 2010

What are you inspired to do today? Maybe pick up your pen or laptop. It's kinda liberating to write something like that. I haven't done that for a long time. Let me know if you do write one for yourself. I want to read it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

just me and the boys

After we got home from church on Sunday, I bribed Matt to take some family pictures with us! I still couldn't get him to smile. You would never know it, but he's got a great smile, great teeth. But whatever, I could complain about that all day.

IMG_11552 copy

IMG_1158copy16x20 web

These are the only two I got. I had about 5 more, but imagine my distress when none of them were in focus! It's hard getting everyone to sit there, get the settings right, set the timer, get in my place, and have everyone smiling.

We actually had a great weekend. Slone had a birthday party to go to at a gymnastics place. He had a great time. I did too since Jill, another mom, was there. We got to know each other a little better.

So I was thinking, what could get some moreygirl photography interest up?  Last year everyone raved about my Christmas card, so I thought I'd share some cards that I love this year! Here's the scoop on what I'm doing this season. 


That's right, get 25 free Christmas cards, if you schedule by November 10 (you don't have to have your session by November 10, just schedule it by then). The cards are available for purchase if you want to use your own pics, but you can only get the free ones by having a session with me.

Click the pic to go to the Holiday Card Shoppe!

If you have any questions just let me know!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

custom changing pad

I had never made a cover for one of these before. It actually intimidated me at first. I used a chenille and an Amy Butler print (a favorite of the mommy's).


This turned out way better than I had imagined. I ended up making it kind of like a crib sheet. It's elastic around the bottom. That way the straps and the no-slip bottom are used. Also it will make it way easier to take off and wash.


I just put it back in the packaging it came in to take it back to the mommy.


Thanks, Holly!


Friday, October 15, 2010

school board

Another little inspirational post for you:)


At the beginning of this school year, Slone started bringing home lots of papers. I started putting them up on the fridge but it quickly filled up. Plus, they were always falling off of the fridge, especially when Bo was around.


I tried to find a magnetic board big enough to fit the wall. They were either too expensive or I couldn't find anything. But I did find a huge corkboard at Menards. 10 bucks! I was pretty excited.


I covered it with some of the fabric that I had from the frame project. I just tried to pull it as straight as possible and stapled it down with my staple gun. As you can tell, it's not completely straight. But it's covered with so many papers that I don't think it matters anymore.

Here are some of Slone's art projects. He really loves to draw. Most of these are what he's done at school and brings home. But he spends a lot of time at his little desk here, just drawing and cutting and gluing. I love it that he loves it:)

hand print pictures are some of my favorites

"then & now"   Back then, he was a baby in his crib. Now, he's playing ball by a tree.

Hope this inspires you to display some of your kids' artwork...or your own!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My story - 2-3years

Well, there's not a whole lot that I remember about being 2 or 3. My baby sister, Charity showed up about 2 months before my second birthday.


I apparently thought she was pretty great....still do.

This is my grandpa. Mom says this was his birthday party. He passed away when I was 12. I remember him fixing us frozen mini pizza from the Schawans man. They are still a favorite of mine. He also had a little electronic poker game that we would play at his house. And he had cable and would record all the cool cartoons and shows off of USA. He's the reason that I have ever watched Three's Company and The Monkees.


Here's my family on Christmas 1983. Still love my mom's outfit.


And here's a pic that reminds me of my own kids' eyes:)


linking up:


We went to the apple orchard last friday with our MOPS group. It was an absolutely beautiful day.

our group

We got to learn about bees,

the bee story
Little K was really paying attention:)

take a hayrack ride,

hayrack ride

pick out a pumpkin,

pumpkin picking
notice I said "pick out" a pumpkin, we didn't really get to go to the pumpkin patch

play on the playground,

bo and the big truck
Bo thought this was the best thing ever!

and have a nice little snack of apple cider and cider donuts. It was a pretty fun day for us.

Monday, October 11, 2010

charm necklaces


As a thank you for a great Spoon River Drive, MoreyGirl is offering these charm necklaces for only $20!

Express yourself by creating a charm necklace that reflects you. Pick your own initial and birthstone. Or layer them up with your kids initials and birthstones.

You get one pendant, one birthstone for $20. You get the 17-19 inch chain for free! The pendant measures about 1 inch across and comes with an uppercase initial.

Regular price is $16 for the pendant
$8 for the birthstone
$16 for the necklace

These would make awesome Christmas presents! But the are only on sale until October 24, so get them now!

Click the picture to get you to the store!

Friday, October 8, 2010

June 1981 - Mommy's Piggy Tales

As some of you know, I started writing my "story" this year. I joined a group called "Mommy's Piggy Tales".  I found the group half way through so now it's time to start from the beginning.

Sportin' the faux hawk almost 30 years ago.

I was born in June of 1981 to John and Susan. I'm number four of five kids. My oldest sister Laura was 17 when I was born. Lyn was 15 and Jake was 11. I was breach so Mom had to have a csection. She always jokes about pushing down on her belly thinking that the large bump up in her ribs was my butt but it was actually my head.

 I don't think that there was anything really "odd" about my birth except for the csection. Now that's not even a big deal. I've had two. At that time, the fathers weren't allowed into the delivery room. So Dad had to wait outside.


Check out my dad's hair. Just a little bit of white in the front. I can't really even remember him with dark hair. All through grade school, kids thought he was my grandpa. He was 38 when I was born.


Look at my stylin' mom. It wouldn't surprise me if she made that shirt. That's where I get all my creativity. No offense to Dad either, he'd say the same thing. She was 37. I think this picture was at my baby shower once we got home. The cake said "Welcome Home, Heater." Then someone at the party scraped it off and frosted in Heather.

Speaking of my name, my sister Laura named me. A friend of hers at the time was Heather Sweeney. Laura called me Heather Beanie. Somehow, someone said Hezzie Beanie, and then that was eventually shortened to Hez. Only a few people still call me that. Dad, my sisters, a pastor's wife from my childhood, and now one of my sisters-in-law, ever use that name.


I thought that I would clear some things up. I have my days where, I'm not productive at all. There are dirty dishes in the sink, laundry piled up, no supper made, toys all over, and (to top it off) I have a less than desirable attitude.  I don't craft or sew everyday. Some days, I just want to sit down and watch tv, even though I think the new tv shows are terribly depressing, ie Parenthood.  I read other people's blogs and think I should get busy.

I saw this on etsy yesterday...


It's a quote from Bob Dylan. I think it sums up how I feel some days.

Then I saw this bag from Made by Hank. (you can click the pic for her link.) And I wanted to be Katie Henry. Isn't her Made by Hank clever? Love the ruffles on the bags.


Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are. -Kurt Cobain

I don't condone Kurt Cobain's lifestyle obviously but I do like this quote. (Still love me some Courtney Love, I blame it on the 90s) No matter what, my bags aren't Hank's and I won't have a pair of antique scissors tattooed on my arm (you'll see it in one of her posts).

I'm not going to waste who I am wishing I was someone else. So after this weekend, the MoreyGirl shop is going to be filled up again! Filled up with MoreyGirl things, not someone else's stuff!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

apple printing

Ok, so this might be a little old-school, but I think the end result is cool. It reminds me of a craft we might have done at vbs or something. But remember, it's all in the packaging...

apple print cards I right? Tie up a little set of notecards with a brown ribbon and you have yourself a great little gift for someone or keep 'em pretty for yourself.

Here are my supplies:

card supplies pads in fall colors..some fall stamps..alphabet stamps..ribbon
I got everything at Joann's. Save your coupons for Joann's, it helps...really!

You may cut your apples either way. Up and down gives you the traditional looking apple print.


And crosswise gives you a cool star print in the middle.


Make sure to wipe all the excess juice off of the cut apple. I just used a plain old paper towel. Then take your stamp pad to the apple. I did a few practice prints on a sheet of paper just to get a feel for it. It also helps to fold up a paper towel under your card so your apple can print evenly.


See the cool star print? I jazzed it up with some fall stamps I got for a buck.


I also used my letters...just in case you weren't sure:) And my sharpie to add some detail.


Just a fun little way to help welcome in the fall!


We are making these at MOPS on Monday, October 11 at 8:45am! Come and join the fun! Click the MOPS pic for more info!

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